5 Best Gadgets For Airbnb Host

Hi, my name is Dave. I am a 33-year-old blogger/entrepreneur and that is building wealth with real estate. I own several rental properties that generate income, you can read about them here, and here. In the last several years I have started hosting my properties on Airbnb, you can read about my experience as an Airbnb host here and how I made over $11,000 in under 5 months as an Airbnb host here. That being said, it’s safe to assume that I have paid my dues as a new host and I can speak from experience when I tell you I know how to make your Airbnb rental better than the rest. I’m going to share with you guys the 5 best gadgets for Airbnb host. If you want to start hosting on Airbnb click here.

5 Essentials For Airbnb Host

Best Thermostat For Your Rental

The Nest Thermostat

best thermostat for airbnb

A good thermostat is one of those “MUST HAVE” items for every Airbnb host. The Nest is that thermostat (Click here to check price on Amazon) Smart thermostats connect to your homes heating and cooling system and can usually connect to wifi to allow remote control from your smartphone. This was essential for me because we live in Florida where it can get pretty hot inside of a house. This meant that in order to have my home at a decent temperature(guest love this) when the guest arrive I would have to leave my unit running full time even if no one was coming for a few days. The Nest smart thermostat was definitely the answer for this. Installation was simple and no different than a regular thermostat but can be controlled by your phone. It has a bright easy to use interface and the guest are usually intrigued with it. Another bonus to the nest is that you can monitor your guest use of your HVAC and even limit the maximum and minimum temperatures.

Best Electronic Lock For Airbnb

Schlage Connect BE469NX

best electronic lock for airbnb

Bottom line and electronic deadbolt lock is a must for Airbnb host. This item WILL pay for itself.  The Schlage Connect BE469NX (Click here to check price on Amazon) is the best electronic lock for your Airbnb rental. This completely eliminates the need to have to meet up for a key. These electronic locks work by allowing you to assign a four-digit code to gain entry. The passcode is required every time the door is closed to get back in. This means that you can lock your door and give new guest the entry code as they arrive. This is less stress on you and less stress on your guest so they don’t have a key to keep up with. Replacing keys can be expensive and as a host I can tell you people lose things all the time.

Best Streaming Devices For Airbnb Host

FireTv Stick or Roku

best gadgets for airbnb host

Maybe I overdo it but in addition to cable, one of my Airbnb essentials is to make sure I have a streaming device in all of my rentals because who wouldn’t want to curl up and see what’s good on Netflix while they were away from home. Roku (Click here to check price on Amazon) and Fire TV stick (Click here to check price on Amazon) are great options but I just usually keep an old school PlayStation 3 with Netflix loaded on it for the guest. That way if they decide to go rent some games from the Redbox they can use it as a console as well.

Airbnb Guest LOVE Alexa

Amazon Echo

airbnb essentials

I’m not gonna lie I LOVE gadgets, but sometimes I can’t justify them for my own home, but as an investment in one of my Airbnb properties, I tend to be more forgiving. The Amazon Echo ( Click here to chek price on Amazon) is one of those things that I probably wouldn’t buy for myself, after all, I have an iPhone with Siri. But there is something about Alexa that my guest LOVE! It’s also great as a wireless Bluetooth speaker or just music streaming in general. We keep ours in the kitchen because it’s always nice to have tunes in the kitchen while you whip up a meal.

The Best Smart Outlet

Samsung SmartThings Outlet

best smart outlet

Smart outlets are a lot like regular outlets with one exceptional difference. The Samsung SmartThings Outlet (Click here to check price on Amazon) is the best smart outlet. Smart outlets connect to wifi to give remote control to its owner. Using a smart outlet with a lamp is a great way to control lights. This is good for making your property look occupied when no one is staying there, and to make sure guest that arrive in the evening don’t have to walk up to a dark ominous rental. Many of my guest with late arriving flight appreciate not having to walk up to a dark house. Most smart outlets can set on a schedule or activated on command via a separate smartphone app.


Trust me from experience these items will make your time as an Airbnb host easier, less expensive, and efficient. If you found these 5 best gadgets for Airbnb host useful please take a moment to share this post with your friends on facebook. To learn more about how I started building passive income click here.



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  1. Thanks for the amazing article. Hopefully, now I’ll be more effective, efficient and spend far less money. Keep up the good work.
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  2. The digital locks look pretty interesting – I can see that being my next investment. Key management is such a chore, especially when they lose the flipping keys or just don;t give you them back afterwards. Thanks for bringing that to my attention 🙂
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    • AffordEverything on May 1, 2017 at 10:26 am said:

      Yes they are definitely a time saver. I can let people in whenever they arrive which comes in handy for people with late flights . This is especially true because I live 45 min away from my hikes

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