A few tips for airbnb host

So it’s been a year since the Airbnb experience with house #4. 72 guest later, I’ve become more seasoned in the art of hosting. Here are 5 tips I would like to share these tips for airbnb host that I learned on my journey.

  • Respond to guest right away. Guest love when you respond to inquiries in a timely manner, 95% of guest just have simple questions about the property or area. Most of the questions can be answered via the Airbnb app. I highly recommend downloading the app, it’s much faster then the website. I prefer to try to eliminate the need to exchange numbers with guest, to keep this as close to being passive income as possible.


  • Create a guest book. Airbnb guest questions can be greatly reduced by typing up a few pages with info such as, info on the area, the house rules, wifi password, and check out instructions. I always sit this on the coffee table in the living room so it’s the first thing my guest see as they arrive. This drastically reduces any post arrival confusion.


  • Install an electronic passcode lock and a nest thermostat. In 2016 I’m all about automating processes. These two items save me hella time. The electronic passcode locks eliminate the need for me to have to pick up and drop off keys from guest. I run several businesses so I simply don’t have time. Some Airbnb guest have late flights or drive in and don’t reach the home until after midnights, it’s much easier to email them a passcode. The Nest is essentially a thermostat that connects to wifi and can be controlled from my iPhone. Because I live in Florida, it gets really hot, to the point I wouldn’t feel comfortable letting someone walking in a boiling hot house. The AC can take several hours to condition the air, so I like to turn it on 12 hours before a guest arrive. With the Nest I can do this from anywhere, as well as shut it off when guest leave, saving me money on the Electric bill


  • Handling picky guest. As a Airbnb host, feedback is king, when a guest first arrive, out of 72 guest, I have had 2 guest not like my home and request to leave. Always check with the guest when they first arrive, ask them if they like it. Most will happy and tell you how beautiful your home is, every once in a while you get someone who decides that they prefer a hotel. My advice is to let them go, but have them cancel on their end. By having the guest cancel, it won’t count against you, and once the guest cancel they no longer have the ability to leave you feedback.


  • Have procedures in order and follow them. I have procedures in order from the time the guest first contact me. I always double check that they have read the entire listing, and ask if they have any questions, if all is good I allow the booking. On the day of arrival, around noon, I send them the electronic lock code, with a message asking them to contact me when they make it in. I do this for two reasons, to make sure they that found it, and that they are happy with it. Once the guest confirms they are pleased. I send them message about the guest book and that it has info about the house as well as the wifi passcode and tell them to enjoy the rest of thier trip. On the day of arrival I ask if they enjoyed the home, then remind them to view the check out instructions. They will usually confirm they enjoyed the rental, when they do, I follow up a few hours after departure and thank them for leaving my house in good shape, and that I will leave them 5 stars, and if they enjoyed my home a 5 star review would help my small business grow. Ask for a good review?….heck yea, and it works too(of course I gauge this, depending on the vibe)

If you follow these tips, you will do well as an Airbnb host, most of it is common sense. Keep your guest happy with in reason, each guest is different, so try to be understanding. If you would like to become an Airbnb host click here to sign up 

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