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We are proud to say that we are advertisement friendly. Sponsored post must be well written, add value, and be at least 750 words. You are allowed two backlinks back to your site. No spammy links, or affiliate links. The links will be doFollow. We reserve the right to edit, in the event typos, or grammatical errors. For pricing please send me an email at myownceo727 [at] We generally get back with you within 2 hours.

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Do you blog in the personal finance niche? Shoot me a message with an idea, I’m fairly easy, guest post need to be at minium 1,000 words, well-written engaging to our readers, and can contain one link back to your site. We also ask that you link back to at least one of our past post as well. If your idea is accepted, you are expected to stick around and answer questions and promote your post on social media.


While we don’t offer compensation for guest post, our blog gets many views every day, creating more opportunities for people to find your blog, as well as some link juice which doesn’t hurt either 🙂 Send me an email at myownceo727 [at]

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