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uber promo code

Are you new to Uber, or curious and want to know more about how uber is changing the way we commute? Or possibly just looking for an uber promo code for a free ride. You have come to the right place, I occasionally post promo codes on this blog in the name of frugality, in hopes of saving you guys money. Uber is the creation of Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp.  The location-based app that makes the process of hiring an on-demand private driver seamless. Uber matches drivers and riders through it’s mobile app available in the app store as well as the android market place. For a LIMITED time, we have the best Uber promo code! This promo codes will give new uber users a nice amount of Uber ride credit, although the total amount may vary city to city.

Why Use Uber?

I hear people say “but I have a car”, but Uber isn’t about that. There is a certain euphoric freedom that you feel when you show up to events without the responsibility of bringing your own vehicle. If you have ever been to a major event or a mall on a Saturday for that matter, you know parking can be a pain. When you take an uber you get picked up as close as possible to your front door, and you are dropped off at your location right by the door. Uber is also way cheaper than a taxi, and I’ve found the experience to be much more efficient.

Some Benefits of using Uber are:

For riders, Uber is a convenient, efficient, inexpensive way to get around town. It allows you to summon your very own private driver to pick you up and take you where you desire at the tap of a button, and they will arrive within minutes of your request. Not only is Uber an on-demand private car chauffeur service, but the app allows you to see exactly where the drivers are on its innovative map, so you know just how long the wait is.

For drivers, Uber is a great side hustle that will pay you while allowing you to operate as your own boss and pick your own working hours. You can literally work as much as you like while meeting people from around your city from many different cultures. If you would like to learn more about my experiment driving for Uber click here.

Uber Promo Code

uber promo code

To receive your free Uber ride credit, just enter the code into the Uber promo code section at signup and you will receive one free ride credit that you can use right now! Please take note the Uber credit will differ depending on which city you are located in. Full disclosure, any amount listed is for reference purposes only and Uber reserves the right to revoke credits.

How To Enter your Uber promo code to get your FREE ride credit

  1. Download the Uber app from the android market or app store, then open it.
    free uber ride
  2. Click the settings icon in the upper left corner as pictured.
    uber promo code
  3. Then click Payment
    uber promo code
  4. Next, Click the ‘Add Promo/Gift Code’ option
  5. Enter the promo code Uber4FreePromo, then press the apply button.  A success message will pop up confirming your Uber free food credit Enjoy your FREE RIDE!
Getting More Free Uber rides


Since the Uber promo code is only eligible for one free ride, you probably want to know how you can earn more free rides. By clicking the options button in the corner and selecting ‘Free Rides’, you will be shown your promo code. When you share your code with friends, when they take a ride for the first time they’ll get $10 off their first trip and you will receive another free $10 Uber credit, and you get $10 off yours. Also to get free



The different types of Uber vehicles available are:

    • Uber Pool – Shared rides for the lowest cost.
    • UberX – Affordable rides for any situation.
    • Uber Select – High-End everyday rides.
    • Uber Black – High-End rides with professional drivers.
    • Uber Lux – Luxury rides with professional drivers.
    • Uber XL – Everyday rides for larger groups up to 6 passengers.
    • Uber SUV – Luxury SUV’s for up to 6 passengers.
    • Uber Espanol – Drivers that are fluent in spanish.
    • Uber Assist – Extra assistance from trained drivers.
    • Uber WAV – Uber vehicles that are wheelchair-accesible.



Tips to get more free uber credits

  1. Spread the word. The best way to get free referral credits is to tell friends
  2. Share your promo code on you social media accounts like facebook and twitter.
  3. Make a video promoting your Uber promo code on youtube.
  4. Post a printed version of your promo code at laundromats and bus stops where people will likley be interested in alternative tranpsortatio
  5. Get a bunch of cards printed with your promo code and pass them out to bartenders to hand out if anyone is too intoxicated to drive.


Want to drive for Uber?

Driving for Uber is great because you can set your own hours making it the perfect side hustle. To find out what it’s like to drive for uber you can check out my Uber experiment here. To sign up as an Uber driver Click Here.

Uber driver requirements:

  • Car must have Four doors and  must seat 4 or more passengers excluding the driver.
  • Your vehicle must be at least a 2001 model or newer.
  • You must have plates that match the state you want to drive in.
  • No marked, taxi, or salvaged vehicles.
  • Pass AN Uber vehicle inspection.
  • The car must be currently registered, however, your name does not have to be on the registration.

Pros and Cons of using Uber


  • Drivers pick you up in a clean well maintained vehicle.
  • You don’t have to worry about parking
  • Your ride arrives promptly after request
  • Uber is availabl

What cities is Uber available in?

North America

Central and South America


Middle East



East Asia

South Asia

Southeast Asia

Australia and New Zealand


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  1. Uber is great and I use it fairly regularly. Unfortunately I won’t be able to use the promo since I’m already an active user. But I would strongly recommend it to others. I’ve never had a bad experience or bad driver.

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